Fibrepulse cable assemblies are manufactured using a patented assembly process, which reduces stress caused by traditional assembly processes. The benefits are best seen when the assemblies are used at higher wavelengths and for DWDM applications. All assemblies are made to UPC standard regardless of the application, allowing them to meet future application requirements. All DIN assemblies use pull-proof zirconia connectors.

· Low insertion loss
· Low backreflection
· Pull-proof connector
· Compatible with DIN 47256
· Corrosion resistanr body

· Precision anti-rotation key

· SMF-28 fibre or equivalent

Insertion Loss (1300nm and 1550nm)
0.30dB max; < 0.10dB Typ.
IEC-61300-3-4 Method B
· 100% tested for insertion loss and return loss.
· 100% interferometer testing. Results recorded
Return Loss (1300nm and 1550nm)
>55dB min
· Tracability serial number on every cable assembly
· Cable - connector retention >150N
End-face Geometry
Radius of curvature (R): 10mm - 24mm
Apex Offset: <50 microns
Fibre Height: -0.02R³ + 1.3R²- 31R + 325
· Operating temperature: -40°C/+85°
· Mechanical endurance: 1000 cycles

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