At Fibrepulse, quality and precision are prominent during all processes in order to provide continuous excellence. Staff work together to implement the necessary processes so as to manufacture high performance fibre optic interconnect devices for our customers.

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Quality of Fibre Optic Terminations As data rates, loads, number of wavelengths, distance and optical power all increase, the need for high quality reliable connector terminations has never been greater.
Insertion Loss Testing Insertion loss refers to the loss of light, not so much in the cable assembly, but that loss caused due to the assembly's introduction.
Return Loss Testing Return loss represents the amount of light that does not get reflected back at a connection point. The higher this loss, then the lower the amount reflected. More…
Fibre Optic Endface Geometry The endface geometry of a PC polished connector has long been known to play an important role in the long term performance of a singlemode connection. More…
Endface Inspection International standards governing endface defects are poorly defined. Therefore, Fibrepulse has developed its own standard, which is applied in the absence of customer specifications.
Active Core Alignment Alignment is the main factor, which contributes to insertion losses. How well two mating fibre cores align together will dictate how much light can transfer between them.
Connector Tuning The core eccentricity of fibres connectorised with monoblock ferrules is optimised by rotating the ferrule in the connector body, or the antirotation key on the connector body so as to position the fibre core in an area within ±30 of the antirotation key.
Polarization Maintaining More and more telecommunication and fibre optic measuring systems refer to devices that analyse the interference of two optical waves. The information given by the interferences cannot be used unless the combined amplitude is stable in time, which means, that the waves are in the same state of polarization.

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